Paintless Dent Removal Springfield and Decatur Area

Mobile Dent Repair for Springfield and Decatur Illinois to your home or office.

Michael Bocek with has been servicing the Springfield, Decatur, Taylorville, Lincoln area for years.   When a dent happens in your vehicle, most of the time a body shop is not necessary.    The dent or damage can be repaired with a process called pdr, (what is PDR?) PDR is also known as Paintless Dent Removal.   It’s a process of removing the dent from underneath the damage, and sometimes using a glue pull process.  You can view my profile and review me at 

 Jeep body line dent before and after

The above picture is a before and after picture of a 2016 Jeep  Liberty, Sharp body line dent, on the passenger door that happened when another vehicle’s door was opened and the wind may have helped a little bit.

roof rail before after

Above photo is of a Malibu roof rail dent.  Sharp damage in a area the is completely unassailable.  The process that was used to removed this dent was the glue process.

before door damage
Before, Extreme Damage on Passenger Rear Door.
After the Paintless Dent Removal Process
I fix dents in bumpers also. Not Chrome!
Bumpers also. Not Chrome!

Paintless Dent Removal And Hail Damage Repair